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OOC permissions
  • backtagging fine with me. mostly, I like to give people I'm writing a PSL with a head's up if I'm not going to be around for awhile and the same in return is always nice. but I'm fine taking a break from a thread and returning to it later.
  • threadhopping ask please
  • fourthwalling generally no, unless it ties into a specific plot. unless you're deadpool. then you do whatever you want.
  • off-limits 9 times out of 10 I'm going to be okay with whatever. when in doubt, leave me a message and I'll be honest if there's an issue. but I don't personally have any triggers. however, if you do, please let me know so I can make sure I steer clear of those topics. the last thing I want to do is trigger someone with what should be a fun hobby.
IC permissions
  • physical contact i mean. if you want to die. for more involved PSLs we'll chat.
  • mental contact your character will find a big jumbled mess of psyches.
  • fighting/injury fite me.
  • death nothing permanent unless we've discussed it first.
  • otp ✓✓✓ movieverse!pyro/rogue
  • good ship ✓ rogue/gambit, movieverse!rogue/wolverine
  • okay ship ✓/✗ if you've got a movieverse!bobby we can chat and see if it works. I'm also open to discussing a catfish!mystique. speaking of, can marvel create a new shapeshifting character with the codename "catfish"? plz&thx.
  • bad ship ✗ I'm open to most suggestions, so if you have one, throw it at me and we'll see.
  • notp ✗✗✗ same as the bad ship
  • powers and abilities
  • killer skin.
  • contact info
  • contact post


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